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Hybrid Connect Review

There are a lot of list building WordPress plugins out there, both free and premium.  One such plugin that has become increasingly popular is Hybrid Connect.  The purpose of this plugin is to take advantage of Facebook Connect.  When you get someone to sign up via Facebook Connect, you gain access to their email address.  […]

Recent Reviews

iContact Review

iContact is a full-service email marketing program, although people are most familiar with their auto responder services.  It began as a college start-up in 2003 at the University of North Carolina.  … [Read More...]

GetResponse Review

GetResponse, who is owned by Implix, has been around since 1999.  Started by 18-year-old kid with a big dream and little money, this company has grown into a 250,000 customer juggernaut, doing … [Read More...]

Vertical Response Review

VerticalResponse was founded in 2001, by Janine Popick, Jeff McConathy and Rob Hoadley, to help small business owners revolutionize their marketing through a suite of user-friendly tools.  Today they … [Read More...]

Industry News

Infusionsoft Just Bought GroSocial

A few weeks back, Infusionsoft announced that they received a large cash infusion to the tune of $54m.  Now we have a glimpse of what they are going to be doing since they just purchased GroSocial, a … [Read More...]

Infusionsoft Receives Huge Cash Infusion

Speculation is heating up in the world of marketing automation now that InfusionSoft has received a $54m round of funding to expand their operations.  It is not clear what their current valuation is … [Read More...]

Oracle Just Bought Eloqua For How Much?

Recently, the corporate marketing automation world got quite a jolt as Eloqua announced that they were going to be purchased by Oracle for a whopping $871 million!  Given that Eloqua has revenues of … [Read More...]

Email Marketing Tips

5 Tips to Get More Out of Your Metrics

Over the past several years metrics have become a hot topic across the Internet marketing community.  The problem many people run into is finding the right metrics for their particular type of online … [Read More...]

GetResponse’s Study On The Best Time To Send An Email

Back in October, GetResponse published an infographic on the best times to send an email.  One of the interesting data points they uncovered is that there are two optimal times to send, between 8-10am … [Read More...]

Email Marketing Resolutions – 2013

Yes, its that time to get Janus faced and reflect on what it is you need to do better, business-wise,  in the new year.  I recently came across an article from Christine Brady about 10 tips that will … [Read More...]